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You enjoy math, chemistry, and you thrash out algorithms to solve practical problems. You are smart; actually, you’re a geek! But being a geek shouldn’t stop you from actively dating. It would be possible that spending too much time studying, reading, solving problems, and pursuing other “egghead” activities might leave you a little light on social techniques. Here’s a scientific way to solve your dating problem.


Geeks are afraid to date. That’s a given. They are afraid they might come out too nerdy, weird or boring. But believe it or not, girls don’t avoid geeks like the plague. In fact, many people find geeks interesting and even cute. So relax, there’s no “Do Not Date” sign printed on your forehead. Dating is something that everybody does, so there’s no reason that a geek can’t do it well.


Your biggest challenge as a geek is to overcome this fright and ask girls out. Fear not, for what is unknown to you, is laid out step by step in the solution below.


Step 1: Overcoming Communication Issues

Probably the biggest dating problem facing geeks would be communication. Geeks tend to use too much technical jargon. In social settings, this gets worse because they tend to switch to sci-fi mode and lose non-geeks with their references to scenes from Star Wars or names from the planet Tatooine. So there: not everyone is into science fiction and video games.

Step 2: Bridging the communication gap

Quite simply, this issue can be most effectively solved by the techniques of effective communication. Effective communication states that misunderstanding can be avoided if parties try to understand the person they are talking to, and try to picture their conversation from that other person’s point of view.

When you talk to someone, a potential date, imagine if she will appreciate your geeky terms. What is she like, her background? What is she interested in? Try to picture your conversation through her eyes, and visualize how she would receive what you’re saying.

Step 3: Show Your Interest

Be genuinely interested in knowing her. Be aware of where they are coming from when they are talking to you. So, in turn, you can better understand them.

Remember that in most communications, the actual words make up only 7 percent of the message, while the remaining 93% is non-verbal (body language, facial expression, eye contact, voice tone and quality). So be mindful of the messages you send.

Step 4: Take It Slow

Date unhurriedly; take time in meeting people and asking more than one girl out on a date. There’s no need to dive into a deeper relationship with someone unless you have had the time to know each other better and to see if you are emotionally ready.

Step 5: Inject Variety

Don’t confine yourself to the usual dinner in a restaurant. Set up a date where one of you prepares a meal at home. Go outdoors for a picnic, kite flying, shopping for fresh produce, a fairground or carnival. Mix the routine with the adventurous venues, and you will have a wealth of diverse experiences and stories to share with your date.

Don’t confine yourself in dating from school or the neighborhood. There are many online dating services available, even for the geek in you. Visit a dating network for geeks like you interested in science, chemists, and biologists. That’s a good place to find a perfect match.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Date to make yourself happy. Who you date is entirely your choice. Whether she is a fellow geek or not, she must be someone you want to spend time with or you will be happy to go out with.

Enjoy the conversations that you are able to carry. Enjoy the busy weekends with several, interesting girls. Enjoy the places, activities and adventures that you embark in as you go on a date. Enjoy the fact that you are getting good at dating.

Being a geek should not get in the way of dating. You simply have to attack it like a math problem that you happily tackle. Know the givens; understand the unknown; and follow the procedure to solve the unknown; and, “Eureka! Dating problem, solved!”

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I love you - how to say this? Many of us in love have great difficulty saying this. Yesterday I read a post by a girl in a forum saying that her boy friend was waiting for her to say I love you and she was waiting for him to say-I love you.

How about using ecards to say I love you avoid the hesitation? This takes courage to say I love you for the first time, because the reaction is never known and one worries about what the reaction may be. Ecards are the best way to say I love you and wait for the response. You will avoid lot of trouble with this method.

Love ecards come under different topics. They are generally - Free Love Ecards, Be Mine Forever Ecards, Birthday Ecards, Crazy In love Ecards, Let Me Love You Ecards, Love Notes Ecards, Miss You Ecards, Marry Me Ecards, and I Love You Ecards.
Depending on your need of expression, you can chose few of these ecards and send them across.

Select lovely colors of ecards. The design should be very beautiful and enchanting. The whole effect should be very romantic. The recipient should go in the romantic mood after looking at the ecard. Love and romance should pour from the ecard and the text should be very exciting and passionate. Love is a game of feelings. The cards should do that with design, images, text and color.

Select the right ecard and send it across. If your choice is right, you will get one card saying I love you in return mail. To express the intensity of your love, send as many ecards as you can at the very first instant and hope for the best. It will happen.

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These days, it overheads a countless deal of money to take care of a presence on the dating event.  Bars and nightclubs routinely charge covers simply representing admission, and everything inside will resolved you back quite a trace.  You can retrieve cheaper drinks by the side of assured hours of the period, reliable, but the odds of decision a romantic vision concerning the hours of 3:00 and 6:00 PM are pretty slim, to say the smallest amount.  Further accurately, establishments will in point of fact raise the assess of drinks as the crowd grows; in imitation of all, what did you say? Other options work out the individuals declare?  By the instance you cause in the various overheads associated with simply departure to a restrain or weapon and trade drinks representing by hand, agree to on your own trade drinks representing other individuals with the aim of bad feeling your fascination, it’s not unheard of to waste well in excess of a hundred dollars in a single late afternoon.  All of with the aim of, and near is still rebuff pledge with the aim of your instance, effort, or money will translate into romantic achievement.

One of the fundamental advantages of online dating versus traditional dating is with the aim of you don’t declare to waste one money in order to simply participate or to complete achievement.  Creating an online individual personal ad or profile requires very little instance and effort, and just rarely will a company charge you representing the genuine hosting of your profile.  If near is one fee associated with such a service, it is in the main nominal.  Simply having a profile to be had online is the superlative way to rise your odds of decision a romantic partner; scarcely as you are searching online representing probable matches, so too are others looking representing an important person scarcely like you.  Browsing through to be had online individual ads is in the main complimentary, as well.  Occasionally, websites will allow you to browse through the front pages of online personals but will require a paid membership in order to in point of fact get in touch with the person.  Often, however, this cost is rolled into the assess of individual personal ad hosting.  Regardless of how the fee construct, if one, is structured, it still represents a significantly lessen cost than a night on the town with towering aspirations and uncertain results.

Not even whilst you retrieve a romantic vision and in point of fact join with them are you mandatory to waste money unnecessarily.  A unpretentious swap of emails and handset calls overheads nothing, and by the instance the correlation progresses to the use someplace the two of you depart passй, it is in the main assumed with the aim of near is sufficient mutual fascination to warrant such a decision.  Because of this, a night passй will not be a be relevant of throwing money around in hopes of decision romantic achievement; as near is already fascination, one money spent will depart towards nurturing the development of a correlation.  Furthermore, getting to know an important person online and by handset earlier in point of fact departure passй with them gives you the opportunity to explore interests and discover what did you say? The two of you declare in general.  Because of this, near is rebuff “testing the waters” to picture what did you say? The two of you can get pleasure from liability jointly.  In the sphere of all aspects, online dating is a more economically feasible option than traditional settings.

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So, you declare a HOT day! Want to really electrify him? Then you gotta work out something passй of the ordinary, something thrilling.  How in this area ceremonial dinner and a film? Huh?  Hey, put off scarcely a detailed. That’s exactly what did you say? You did on your carry on day, and the single earlier with the aim of, and the single earlier with the aim of.

Ok, a little movies really are entertaining and ceremonial dinner, representing the nearly everyone part, can be a, uh, a fulfilling experience.  But the in one piece dinner-and-a-movie idea is not a knock-yer-socks inedible kinda day - in this area as moving as a Sunday ceremonial dinner by the side of mom’s mansion.

Want to impress a first-time day or add a little vigor to your current correlation?  Here are a not many ideas.  If these don’t beat the completely cord, operate your imagination and extend up with something on your own, something with the aim of expresses who you are!

Don’t depart passй to ceremonial dinner, stay in.  Read a cookery book and put together something spectacular representing scarcely the two of you. No roommates permissible.  By them tickets to the movies and kick their indolent butts passй representing the late afternoon. 

When was the carry on instance you packed a picnic and ate have lunch on the steps of St Patrick’s or on the seashore of the Columbia River?  Pack up a basket of goodies, a chilled bottle of your favorite beverage and really become to know your day.

Instead of traipsing to a film try a theme commons. Big or small, scarcely in this area everybody loves a period by the side of a theme commons. From the roller coasters to the shock absorber cars, the attractions can help put together a day more legitimate and enjoyable. Or, if with the aim of sounds like too much excitement, try a visit to the zoo, a promenade through a neighborhood museum or an art gallery.

For the hard-core thrill-seeking daters, you might absence to consider taking a skip passй of a impeccably competent airplane by the side of 13,000 feet. Further and more, near are companies with the aim of offer training, equipment and air travel diving parcels.  I’ve seen a duo preliminary in the region of $250.  I can’t think of a better way to illustrate your day you treatment by introduction their life in hands of a qualified skydiver. If they scarcely can’t skip passй of the jet by themselves hook them up with a tandem dive.  In the sphere of a tandem dive the novice is harnessed against the front of a qualified diver.  The qualified carry’s a parachute built representing two individuals. When the jet reaches 13,000 feet both individuals skip jointly. Whew - practically 60 seconds of free-falling!  Now that’s thrilling!
Can you recall the assign of the carry on film you aphorism with ol’ what’s her assign?  And what did you say? Was with the aim of slimy stuff you ate the carry on instance you went passй with ol’ what’s his assign?  While jumping passй of an airplane is not representing everybody, I pledge your day will in no way put behind you you or the experience of bailing passй by the side of 13,000 feet!

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When you are looking to let somebody have online dating a try, you ought to know from the introduction with the aim of online dating, scarcely as a traditional dating, does have with it a not many risks. However you like to work out it, dating is a dodgy game. While Internet dating can direct many doors representing daters, you need to be smart and safe whilst discussion individuals online. Most of individuals online are straightforward and sincere individuals who are looking representing a partner, but near are additionally individuals with not well intentions. When getting to know individuals online you ought to tag along a little basic safety rules. To put together the online dating experience a countless single, you ought to keep in mind a little safety tips such as: - you declare to be long-suffering; online dating requires a allocation of patience; even if you are anxious to bump into contemporary individuals, don't rush into discussion with strangers; you ought to take instance to know the person earlier you bump into in real life -one of the nearly everyone crucial rules is with the aim of you ought to keep your individual in a row restricted; if you don't know who you are dealing with, work out not provide individual in a row in this area by hand; don't share your real assign, phone amount, place of composition, take in hand, or one other identify in a row while chatting or emailing until you are comfortable liability so; this in a row may perhaps fall into damage hands -also in no way let somebody have passй individual economic details of wages, salaries, savings, nest egg, save credits or tag details -even harga obat asam urat murah  if you decide to put together a day, you ought to not let somebody have individual in a row in this area by hand until you know the person better -if you categorical to bump into the person facade to facade, you better wish a discussion in the period and in a broadcast place - but you shouldn't skip from online chats to a facade to facade discussion; opening you declare to assemble a little in a row in this area with the aim of person; it is better to discussion on the phone, and harga pupuk hantu  jimmy murah operate it as an other checkpoint; a phone can divulge much in this area a person's interaction and social skills; in this way you can watch over your security -ask representing a photo, this will let somebody have you a competent clue of the person's advent; it she comes with excuses, it income with the aim of she has something to keep secret -also it is crucial with the aim of you operate a latest picture and be truthful in your type in this area by hand; think in this area the piece of evidence with the aim of maybe someday you will declare to bump into her facade to facade and next she will become angry to picture with the aim of you declare lied from the introduction; so you can conclusion a on the cards correlation earlier it begins -don't be troubled to flirt a little if that's how you feel, but don't be too flirtations as it may well be taken the damage way -wait until you retrieve your soul mate, don't fall in love with the opening girl who is chatting with you; put together carefully choices in this area the in a row you provide to a day and additionally be conservative regarding choices of pure and emotional confidence -take all the instance you need to test a person to picture if she is insincere and give carefully attention along the way; if you think she is insincere, enactment accordingly; move on to someone you can eventually trust -if you feel something is not completely, pay attention to your gut and become passй the circumstances; operate general discern to put together competent decisions; trust your instincts and without delay abandon corresponding whilst you feel unsure; if she is not your type agree to her know respectfully by proposing her to be scarcely contacts -so if no matter which makes you feel uncomfortable and if you declare a little doubts in this area with the aim of person, stroll away representing your own safety and protection -watch passй representing someone who seems too competent to be real for the reason that may perhaps not be who she says -stop communicating with any person who pressures you representing giving your restricted in a row -you can ask a allocation of questions and put together reliable you are fulfilled with the answers you become -only bump into whilst you are on the verge of, and whilst you consider with the aim of you declare all the in a row you need in this area with the aim of person -never bump into someone who argues not in favor of your instincts or pressures you in one way -it is better to stick highly regarded and straightforward online dating services representing your safety I hope for you competent providence in decision your soul mate and it is up to you at present to keep your own safety and protection.